Friday, March 1, 2013

"Magic Shoes and the Rocket Kids" (1962)

Magic Shoe Adventure book was a 1962 give-away comic by the makers of "P.F. Flyers" tennis shoes, B.F. Goodrich. This particular one had adventures on the Moon, adventures with an escaped lion, and saving an indian girl from a waterfall.

P.F. Flyers were advertised (as you can see from the story below) to have a "magic wedge" that made you run faster.

I remember when you went to the shoe store in the early 1960s there were often premiums that were given away with certain shoes. These were incentives to nag Mom for a particular brand.

 Moon rockets and tennis shoes! (aren't they a little close to the launch pad?)

 Do you like the swooping approach to the Moon? That is one sharp pilot!
 I miss bubble space helmets with scuba tanks. The heck with jetpacks where are the cool space helmets?

 The magic shoes! (Although it seems like socks on the Moon would just be common sense)

 Hooray for robot to the rescue!

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  1. Someone needs to warn Uncle Jack you really shouldn't wear ordinary glasses inside a bubble helmet. If they fall off, you can't reach up there and put them back on.