Thursday, December 17, 2009

My Little Golden Book About the Sky (1956)

A quick one for today:
Wyler, Rose. Illustrated by Gergely, Tibor. My Little Golden Book about the Sky. New York: Simon and Schuster. (22 p.) 21 cm.

A very basic book about the sky, Moon, planets, and stars. Illustrations of the Earth from space, surface of the Moon, a rocket on the Moon, the solar systems. Very nice paintings and a striking cover.

I just purchased some of the original art to this book:

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Exploring Space (1964)

Highlights Magazine was a children's magazine like Jack and Jill. It seemed to be subscribed to by doctor's offices and public libraries but it was OK to read when you had nothing else. They collected interesting articles occasionally into Highlights Handbooks.
Dietz, David and others. Exploring Space (2nd ed.) Columbus, OH : Highlights for Children Inc. (33 p.) 28 cm.

This was an anthology of non-fiction articles and illustrations from 1947-1961 about space from "Highlights Magazine". Topics covered included astronomy, construction of a space stations, and manned flights to the Moon and Mars. Illustrations of rockets, space suits, space stations and a Moon landing. "Highlights Handbook" series. See 1960 1st edition.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Operation Moon: Facts We’ll Need to Know When We Travel to Other Worlds (1955)

Another old space book from the classroom. SRA books (Science Research Associates) were short "interesting" reading books for the classroom. In the mid-50s they had two spaceflight books, this one and "Rockets into Space" (1955). Both were part of their "Modern World of Science" series.
Burnett, R. Operation Moon : Facts We’ll Need to Know When We Travel to Other Worlds. Chicago : Science Research Associates. (48 p.) 22 cm.

This pamphlet presents the case for how we will go into space. Text discusses conditions found in space, construction of a space station, and manned exploration of the Moon and the solar system. Includes illustrations of rockets and space suits.

Woolworth's Jolly Christmas Book (1951)

Wishing you all a Happy Holidays and of course:


Friday, December 11, 2009

Daily Mirror Book of Space (1970)

The Daily Mirror is a British newspaper founded in 1903. As part of the public facination with the moonlanding they issued this book.

Allward, Maurice F. Illustrated by Davies, Gordon. ‘Daily Mirror’ Book of Space. Feltham, England : Daily Mirror Books. (95 p.) 31 cm.

A loose encyclopedia of 27 articles on space topics varying 2-10 pgs in length. Covers space history, the planets, landing on the Moon, the V-2, the Saturn 5, space stations, and a moon base. Has very nice paintings of rockets, satellites, space stations, and astronauts.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Space, Time and Rockets (1952)

A play activity book about space flight.

Randolf, Rheta and Barry, Catherine. Illustrated by Stain, Jacque. Space, Time and Rockets. New York: Paxton-Slade Publishing Co. (64 p.) 28 cm. Softcover.

The book discusses the history of rockets, travel in space, planetary astronomy, and major constellations. Also reprinted at a 20 cm. size. See also: Barry. "A Trip through Space" (1954) from the same series.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Blazing New Trails (1961)

I am a sucker for a good rocket picture. Blazing New Trails has nothing to do with spaceflight except it was a way to make a school reading text more exciting! There was a chapter in here on reading a story about spaceflight and then answering some questions. But no real reason for a rocket on the cover.
The joy of eBay is that sometimes the picture of something is enough to make you shell out a few bucks just to have a cool picture. Happy landings!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Our Wonderful Earth (1951)

Our Wonderful Earth is actually a geology title from 1951. However at the time space-type stuff was in fashion so they mixed in a space theme and these neat colored illustrations.

Townsend, Herbert. Our Wonderful Earth :The story of how it became the great round earth it is today. Boston : Allyn and Bacon. 152 p. 27 cm.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A Look at the Moon (1962)

Sorry for the holiday gap. Lots more to share this month so let's start with John Polgreen. John Polgreen illustrated stories in many magazines and books including the Saturday Evening Post. He also illustrated The Golden Book of Astronomy (1955).

Polgreen, John and Polgreen, Cathy. Illustrated by Polgreen, John and Polgreen, Cathy. A Look at the Moon. Garden City, NY: Doubleday and Co Inc. (24 p.) 27 cm.

This book gives simple facts about the Moon and its surface. A few nice illustrations of the Moon's surface as well as spaceships and astronauts. Has a detailed appendix for the teacher or parent giving more facts about the Moon.

I love how simple and charming his illustrations are in this. What child wouldn't want to be skipping across the moon someday?

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Young Traveller in Space / Going into Space (1954)

Two children's books from Arthur C. Clarke!

The Young Traveller in Space was a British children's book. That same year he used some of the content from that book to publish another space book for children called Going into Space. When Going into Space made its way to the United States it also (somehow) became a newsstand publication from Trend Books called Going into Space. However it was marketed as a general space book rather than a juvenile one. Does that mean that British youth have the same mental capacity as American adults?

Clarke, Arthur C. Illustrated by Frodsham, G.A., Smith, R.A. and others. Going into Space. New York: Harper and Brothers. (117 p.) 22 cm.

Text and illustrations concern the history of rockets, conditions in space, space station, Moon landings and planetary exploration. No space art rather a center section of photographs. Also a UK edition "The Young Traveler in Space" (1954) with similar but not identical text and different illustrations.

Clarke, Arthur C. Illustrated by Frodsham, G.A., Smith, R.A. and others. Going into Space. Los Angeles: Trend Books. (128 p.) 24 cm. Softcover.

Softcover reprint (see description above). Sub-titled: “An expert’s exciting blueprint for man’s interplanetary future”. "Trend Book" (#150).

Clarke, Arthur C . Illustrated by Blandford, Edmund Louis, Frodsham, G.A. and Smith, R.A. The Young Traveler in Space . London : Phoenix House Ltd. (72 p.) 28 cm.

Text and illustrations concern the history of rockets, conditions in space, space station, Moon landings and planetary exploration. Text concludes with predictions about when the first Moon landing will be and how children can prepare themselves for the future. Also an American edition, called "Going Into Space" (1954) with similar but not identical text and different illustrations.

Either way these books had some great illustrations

Monday, November 23, 2009

Moonshot 1970 (1967)

Moonshot 1970 was published in 1967. At the time the optimistic title made a lot of sense. It seemed like we were on a roll and this booklet explained how we would get there. But this pamphlet was popular enough to take several journeys of its own while we were working our way to the moon.

Lomask, Martha . Illustrated by Mellor, Gordon. Moonshot 1970. Columbus, OH: For Children, Inc. (33 p.) 18 cm. "Grow-ahead"

Just for fun, they issued a 1968 version with a 3-d pop-up in the back which they called "Our Man on the Moon":

Also available in 1968 as a free premium on the giant size of Thrill dish soap.
In 1969 you could read this pamphlet as a give-away from Tang as "The Big Trip to the Moon" complete with Tang advertisement on the back or...

Finally while you were flying on TWA in 1969 you could read "Moonshot 1970" all over again.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Moon (1963)

Another book about the Moon. But what is special about this one is it's creative link to a much older space art book. In 1874, James Nasmyth and James Carpenter published, The Moon. A large and lavishly illustrated volume, its numerous plates were reproduction of photographs of plaster models of portions of the lunar surface, seen both telescopically from Earth and as they would appear to an observer on the Moon.
Brenna, Virgilio. Illustrated by Brenna, Virgilio. The Moon. New York: Golden Press. (104 p.) 29 cm.
In this unique book many of the pictures in it are also composites of paintings and photographs of a plaster model of the moon's surface. The text covers what is known about the Moon, the theories of formation, geography and geological processes. It has no illustrations of rockets or space flight but the picture/paintings of the Moon's surface are wonderful to see.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Lion Annual (1957)

Lion Weekly was a weekly newspaper for boys, with stories, comic strips, and useful facts. Some of the best of each year were collected in annuals. I look for these annuals because although the majority of material is fictional they often had non-fiction articles and illustrations about the future of space flight.
"When We Reach the Moon" is one of those fantastic treasures hidden away.