Friday, July 29, 2016

Igorek on the Moon (1962)

Igorek on the Moon (Don't know exact translated title) by Peacekeeper Boris. 16 pgs? A 1962 softcover Russian space fantasy book.

Using Google translate I can roughly follow the story:
"Inventor Igorek A serious business is busy,
And next gray cat Fluffy Purrs on the couch
And he looks curiously, Slightly narrowed eyes:
What fascinated the boy,
Why do we need him to board, Glue, scissors and paint? ..
Let Igoryok a few years - He likes to work hard!
And to find out, what's the secret,Turn the page."

 "To father fit Igorek. And he asks:- Dad!
You could A little play with me?
After all, you are the day off!
My tank is ready! On him double
We all split the Nazis! -
Dad replied:- Well done!
Great car! I held this your father
From the Volga to Berlin.
This is not rainy day I went lesson
The resulting once, Good to know,
that my son Worthy son of a soldier!
But better, than playing war
We, the first in the world,
With your car to the moon
Go to the rocket!"

"There, on the moon, where there are no roads,
Your tank my dear Igor,
For the purpose of a peaceful approach -Scientists useful How is the best off-roader
For lunar missions!
Igor was delighted,
In the room he jumped:
- Come on,
Go At the launch site!
But what about the day
Moon find?
- We arrange everything in the world -
The father said his son. -
Here, at the dinner table;
Now it Spread! - No, Daddy!
This is not the moon,
This can not be it! think dad, as I would
Arrange the mountains on the Moon?
- What can we do?
It can be seen, human son!
But how to help your child?
And dad all that he could,
I hide under the oilcloth -
Notebook, inkwell, dictionary, Points desk calendar,
Then he looked at the buffet,
Two cups pulled into the light,
A plate and salt shaker
- And I hid under the oilcloth.
He found his mother's hat
And I put it on the table,
And the hat "transformed" in a moment
The spiky mountain peak.

- Hooray! -exclaimed Igorek
- Now Moon OK!

 Here Igorek leads Forward
Powerful tractor-terrain vehicle.
And suddenly…
Some kind of beast
Knocks hairy paw on the door!

 What is looking for Igor on the moon?
Soviet pennant looking!
Pave thousands of roads
He solidified lava -
But this pennant
Igorek To Moscow from the moon deliver!
Is he -
in the heart of the lunar mountains!
Motor Stubbornly buzzing ...
But the door opened into the corridor,
And there was a ...Mama!
She looked ...
On the face of fear ...
Avoska fell out of the hands!
Products lie on the floor,
Compote banks pouring ...
- Friends-tankers!
A corner Whoa you do not have to ..? -
But Igorek shouts
- Hooray! -
And runs to his mother:
- We have a great game,
Do you play with us?
Rather make ready for us.
Space food.
We -on the moon!
We have an hour
Soviet pennant looking!
Well -Join our squad?
- And my mother smiled ...
Again in the realm of stone bulks
Motor hums stubbornly.
Ready to operate all-terrain vehicle
All day, all night until tomorrow,
Five days, week, month, year -
It is now conduct a campaign
Three brave astronaut.
They pave the trail

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

This is Cape Canaveral (1963) (part 2)

Happy Moon day everyone!.Americans Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin landed on July 20, 1969, at 20:18 UTC (47 years ago today).

 I will continue my sharing of this beautiful book about the space race and one of the places it took place:This is Cape Canaveral (1963) 

 Since this was 1963 all the author could do was hope that the story would continue to unfold.

 In 2009 the Sasek publisher created a reprint of this classic book. To make it feel as if the story was completed they included the following appendix about the landing on the Moon:

Friday, July 15, 2016

This is Cape Canaveral (1963) (part 1)

This is another one of those great books about spaceflight that I can't get enough of.  I am aware of the approaching 47th anniversary of people landing on the Moon. this books is one of the best at bringing back that moment of hope as America tried for the Moon" before the decade was out." Because I want to share a lot of this book it will be a 2 part posting, with the second part on July 20th.


Sasek, Miroslav. Illustrated by Sasek, Miroslav. This is Cape Canaveral. New York: The Macmillan Co. (60 p.) 32 cm. Cloth, DJ.

 Text and illustrations show a "tourist's scrapbook" of a visit to Cape Canaveral.  There are illustrations and discussion of launch equipment, the local space museum and the launch of the Atlas rockets of the Mercury program.   See 1964 reprint/retitling: “This is Cape Kennedy.”

It is this children's scrapbook quality that is really attractive, it gives the sense of being there and seeing all this for the first time. I was only 4 years old when this book was published but upon finding it in the school library appreciated how much detail was in it.

Because the "Space Race" was more than the rockets, it was this sense of national excitement at we saw each test succeed and each astronaut reach new heights and records. To a child getting to go where it was happening was an amazing treat.

 I like how much of the "space culture" was captured. I too remember a time when everything was about space.

We will leave it here as we focus on the Saturn rocket,the Mercury program and the potential of going to the Moon.  See you on the 20th!

Friday, July 8, 2016

Operation Watchdog (1956)

The "Colby" books used typical publicity photographs to accompany text about various activities in the U.S. (I am guessing with an eye toward mechanically inclined boys). This one focused primarily on U.S. Continental Air Defense but as you can see from the back cover the series covered many other topics.

Colby, C B. Operation Watchdog: Rockets, Guided Missiles, Aircraft, and radar of our defenses. New York : Coward-McCann. (48 p.) 28 cm.

I find it interesting as an artifact of the center of the Cold war. this introduction from Mr. Colby is very specific about the threats of the "other side."

 This last item "Frightening Forerunner" is the only one that alludes to the future of intercontinental nuclear exchanges.