Friday, November 24, 2023

The Magic Motion Martian Book (1964)


A pleasantly strange space book about Martians visiting the earth. The "magic motion" consisted of a little lenticular piece inside each page so if you moved your head the image would move. Not very exciting but it did make for a fun story.

Miller, Albert G. Designed by Paul Taylor. The Magic Motion Martian Book. New York: Random House. (21 p.) 1964.

Friday, November 17, 2023

A Journey to the Moon: A science fiction poem for children (1954)


An unusual children's book consisting of a long poem about Konstantin Tsiolkovsky and an imaginary trip to the Moon. It is highly illustrated and worth a look if you have not seen it. It was colored in places in crayon by a child but that sort of adds to the charm of someone who loving this book.

Tschukhrov,  Vladimir. Путешествие на Луну: научно-фантастическое стихотворение для детей. (A Journey to the Moon: A science fiction poem for children.) Kaluga, Bulgaria: Publishing house of the newspaper Emamya. (76 p.) 1954.

Friday, November 10, 2023

Young Technician December, 1957


This is an issue of a young adult magazine published just 3 months after the first Sputnik. Young Technician was a scientific news and technology magazine. I realize that most of you have no Russian but the illustrations are a nice picture of the beginning of a new space race.

Young Technician. December, 1957.

Friday, November 3, 2023

Cosmodrome (1987)


Cosmodrome is a paper cut-out book that you could use to build a cosmodrome.  Admittedly it is published in 1987 so it is way out of scope for my blog. But it has some great visuals and so I think it is worth sharing. I have never had the nerve to cut this out and build it. Most of the images are printed on both side of the paper so you destroy it when you build it. Also that is why some scans seem to be front and back of an image.

Cosmodrome (Космодром.) Moscow. (12 p.) 1987.