Friday, February 16, 2024

The Jolly Jump-ups Journey Through Space (1952)


Sorry for the delays in posting, I have been on a short vacation. So today is one of my favorite (and obscure) fictional pop-up books about space. A really beautifully illustrated 1952 book with some amazing text to accompany it, The Jolly Jump-ups Journey Through Space!

Clyne, Geraldine. The Jolly Jump-ups Journey Through Space. Springfield, MA: McLoughlin Bros. (12 p.) 1952. 

Friday, February 2, 2024

New Treasury for Young Readers (1963)


More or less a "housekeeping" post today. I wanted to scan this book after finding the other one just for balance. Some fine illustration is a lost bit of space flight for children.

New Treasury for Young Readers. Reader’s Digest. Pleasantville, NY. Reader’s Digest Association. (200 p.) 1963.  

Friday, January 19, 2024

Skyjets for Fliers of Tomorrow (1954)


So this is one of the stranger books I have found over the years. It is about a future in which people will get individual jet-powered wings to fly. It is set a little like a fantasy and a little like a dream. It has "perfect" 1950s illustrations about how the future might develop. Mostly it is a lot of fun. Back to spaceflight stuff next week.

Donaldson, Lois and Arthur K. Bilder. Illustrated by Bilder, Arthur K. Skyjets for Fliers of Tomorrow. Chicago, IL: Albert Whitman. (28 p.) 1954. 

It was all a dream....

Friday, January 12, 2024

Rocket Divers (1962)


So a minor piece of juvenile "space fiction" today. This little juvenile story is about scuba divers adventures and in this book they help out the divers who retrieve re-entry capsules. It has bad guys and secret submarines and space monkeys and plenty of adventure. Unfortunately it is hard to show all that so you get instead a kind of telegraphic adventure with a "chose you own ending."

Coleman, James C. et al. Rocket Divers. San Francisco: Harr Wagner. (98 p.) 1962

SO What Happens? See if you can tell from these final quiz questions....