Friday, February 26, 2021

Hammond's Our World in Space Atlas (1963)

Our World in Space Atlas is one of the thrift store staples, with copies seemingly everywhere. It is mostly a conventional atlas of the earth's surface and countries. What makes it special is the prequel section "Space : A New Frontier" which reuses the Hammond space images found all though late 50s and early 60s publications. These beautiful space art paintings capture a time when children could dream of exploration.

Our World in Space Atlas : A concise and modern atlas containing new maps of all parts of the world plus a timely section on the exploration of space. Maplewood, N.J. : C.S. Hammond. xvi, 50 pp, 32 cm, 1963.

This last page is especially "cutting edge" for space exploration to come.

Friday, February 19, 2021

The Solar System (1962)


Another tour of the neighborhood. With the advent of the space age we now see more speculation how we might explore the solar system. The paintings by Fedini in this book are very special and I am excited to share them. The book was originally published in Italian in 1961.

Rocca, Angelo. Illustrated by Fedini. The Solar System. New York: Duell, Sloan and Pearce. (58 p.) 1962.

Touring the neighborhood

Earth's Moon
The Asteroid Belt
Jupiter from Europa
Saturn from Titan
Saturn from Mimas
Uranus and Neptune
Returning to our local address

Friday, February 12, 2021

Exploring the Universe (1956)


We continue our exploration of our "neighborhood" with Exploring the Universe. The illustrations are once again amazing. The book are 8" x 14" so the impact of these paintings in person is hard to recreate.

Gallant, Roy A. Illustrated by Hess, Lowell. Exploring the Universe. Garden City, NY: Garden City Books. (62 p.) 1956.

An illustration about why people thought eclipses occurred.

Our place in comparison to some really big objects
A spectacular strike
The fate of the universe as explained to a child in 1956.

Friday, February 5, 2021

Exploring Mars (1956)


To celebrate the 12th anniversary of the Dreams of Space blog I bring you exploring the solar system! The February posts are all from children's books exploring the solar system (and maybe a few nearby stars).

Roy Gallant and his illustrator Lowell Hess created some beautiful books about space for children. This one in particular is inspiring in pointing to our future on Mars.

Gallant, Roy A. Illustrated by Hess, Lowell. Exploring Mars. Garden City, NY: Garden City Books. (62 p.) 1956.

Both of these Mars landscapes are beautiful as double page illustrations.

I think the seasons on Mars (as color changes) helps explain how fascinating Mars through a telescope was for many years.