Friday, May 25, 2018

Junior Scholastic "Space Journey Into the Past" (Jan 20, 1960)

Here is an entertaining issue of Junior Scholastic. It was a weekly newspaper aimed at Junior High and High School students. And here is an article about "Faster than Light" travel to other solar systems.

There was also an interesting "Frontiers of Science" articles about the current planned Dyna-Soar program and the possibility it would be replaced by Project Orion rockets in the future:

Friday, May 18, 2018

What Is Space? (1964)

This is a 1964 British reprint of a 1961 U.S. book (under the same title).

This is another in the "Collins Pageant of Knowledge series."  It has many colorful illustration and some pretty heady contents for "ages up to 11".

Kane, Elmer R and Fellger, Merrill C. Illustrated by Tiedemann, Berthold. What is Space? London: William Collins Sons and Co. Ltd. (47 p.) 21 cm. Cloth. 

This next section about the shape of the universe is pretty interesting for a children's book:

It goes on to talk about space exploration:

Then about human exploration of space:

 How about expansion of Time as you travel closer to the speed of light?
 This next section is the updating from the 1961 publication
 The book ends with a "space glossary". All in all a knowledge-rich space book for the under 12 set.

Friday, May 11, 2018

Journey to the Morning Star (1961)

Journey to the Morning Star  is a fictional Russian (juvenile?) novel about a rocket trip to Venus. It has a number of imaginative illustrations that I wanted to share.

Gubarev, Vitaliy.  Illustrated by V. Alekseev. Journey to the Morning Star. Moscow: Detskiy Mir. (95 pp.) 22 cm. 1961.

 I am guessing it starts in a planetarium where they are talking about what it would be like to go to Venus. Beyond that guess it just had some very nice illustration a a space adventure.