Saturday, October 26, 2013

Colliers Part 7 : June 25, 1953

The 7th part of the 8 part Colliers "Man will conquer space soon!" series has been put online in the July/August 2013 issue of IAAA Houston Newsletter "Horizons". This one covers the Collier’s magazine space articles from June 25, 1953,

The Baby Space Station: First step in the conquest of space

There are also a couple of reprints of illustrations published in this blog!

These are the best digital versions of these illustrations you will ever see. Be sure to check them out.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

About Moon and About Rocket (1966)


 This is actually the second edition of this 1964 Russian book that I have already blogged about here:

So I will try to post images from this book that you may not have seen before.

I like the abstract quality of these drawings. 

This has a great deal of resemblance to the Apollo Command module configuration.

Finally a reminder that at the time it was still a race to the moon.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Major Jet's Magic Paint Set: Everything you need to color exciting pictures of Major Jet's experimental rockets (1952)

In the early 1950s a breakfast cereal called "Sugar Jets" featured premiums around Major Jet.  I had posted about a 1954 premium here:

The title of this one: "Major Jet's Magic Paint Set: Everything you need to color exciting pictures of Major Jet's experimental rockets (1952)" is almost longer than the actual 4 page item.

It consisted of the cover, 3 pages you could "color", and a sheet of water color paints that you could use a wet brush on.

 The rocket designs are not that innovative but the illustrations show rockets (orbiting?) above the earth's surface along with the caption promising that rockets would be flying to the moon in 20 years
This caption also points out that " the time you are grown-up rockets will be as common as our airliners of today. Perhaps you will even hop a rocket to Mars or Venus"

Happy Jets!!!

P.S. Are those kids in the cockpit?

Friday, October 11, 2013

Project Go! : Big space punchouts for little astronauts (1963)

Sorry for the lag between posts, sometimes work does come first. So in order to catch up I will try a series of very short posts. These are mostly covers of items I own.

Project Go! Big Space Punchouts for Little Astronauts (1963) is a nice crossover between fact and fiction. Learn how Astro Johnny and Cosmo Jo explore the moon! I love the cover and I had scanned a set of round-trip tickets to the moon from the inside of the book.