Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Exploring the Moon: A Space Trip Into the Future (1969)


Happy Moon Day!

This is the cover of the April 1969 issue of Children's Digest. They would publish short book excepts and articles for children. I thought I would celebrate this day by sharing an article about the coming landing written from the perspective of a couple of years before.

The article is excepted from a 1965 Book called "The Question and Answer Book of Space". I blogged about it back in 2009 here: https://dreamsofspace.blogspot.com/2009/06/question-and-answer-book-of-space-1965.html

So this is exactly the kind of thing I was reading at ages 7 and 8. It was lacking in many details but I knew what was coming by the time July 1969 arrived. So join me on a little throw-back to a far-away time.

This last little box in the article brings it all back to me....

Friday, July 16, 2021

Exploring Space (1960)


This is a Highlights Handbook. It is a collection of space articles from Highlights Magazine. It has a nice sequence of articles about the possibility of a Moon landing. This is the second in my postings leading up to July 20 Moon Day!

Even though the article is from 1958, you get the idea that this is going to be fact someday. While the ship on the Moon is very different, this article also points to the finish line without specifying how we get there. See you on Moon Day.

Friday, July 9, 2021

Tom Corbett: A Trip to The Moon (1953)


So welcome to Dreams of Space's celebration of the anniversary of the first Moon landing! I thought I would start off with a 1953 book about landing on the moon. This book was also published under the title of Tom Corbett's Wonder Book of Space.  Even though I keep the fiction load of this blog down, the painted illustrations in here make it one of the great inspirational books of the early 1950s. I figure the readers of this were about 18 or 19 when we landed on the Moon. Did they have any idea that fiction would become the future so fast?

Martin, Marcia. Illustrated by Frank Vaughn. Tom Corbett's wonder book of space / Tom Corbett: A Trip to the Moon. New York, Wonder Books. 18 p. 21 cm.


It has one of my favorite quotes: Then let's go back. The Earth is much prettier than the Moon."

See you next week with more moon landing stuff

Friday, July 2, 2021

Igorek Controls the Lunokhod (1973)


This may be the second edition of a story book I blogged about on July 29, 2016 "Igorek on the Moon" (1962) 


They both are arranged in verse about helping a child dream of exploring the Moon. They seem very similar even with the different title both in style and because they are by the same author (as best as I can figure out). The style of art is very interesting so I hope you enjoy this.

Boris Mirotvortsev. Art by A. Semenov. Igorek controls the Lunokhod. Soviet Russia : Moscow. 12 p. 1973.

Friday, June 25, 2021

Tararam (Poetry) (1963)


One of those Russian books that put a rocket on the cover even though there is not much space content in this children's poetry book. I do like the illustrations so wanted to share this with you.

Leonard Kondrashenko. Illustrated by Yu. Belkovitch. Tararam. Krymizdat : Simferopol. 12 p. 1963.

Friday, June 18, 2021

Space Satellites: Space Travel : The Moon (1959)


A short and different piece of ephemera today. This is a collection of three space articles from Collier's Encyclopedia. They would distribute or sell these as a pamphlet to classrooms and prospective encyclopedia customers. There were lots of these around and I picked this up mostly for the illustrations. So enjoy some cool space pictures.