Friday, March 11, 2022

Planet of Remus (1984)


Planet of Remus is a 1984 Russian/Estonian  comic book story. It is a little out of my usual scope but it concerns a child who draws a space adventure in comic form.  He was inspired by the date April 12 when the first Russian went into orbit. I really enjoy the style of the illustrations so I wanted to share with you today.

Mario Kivistik. Art by Alfred Saldre. Planet of Remus. Tallinn : Eesti Raamat. 32 p. 1984

Friday, March 4, 2022

Guess! : A Children's Book about Transport (1961)


Guess! : A children's book about transport is basically a simple riddle book about how people move around and use technology. It is relatively rare but has a couple of nice illustrations I wanted to share.

V. Poltorakin. Drawing by L. Khudyakov. Guess! A Children's Book. Moscow : Omsk Publishing House. 16 p. 1961