Friday, March 22, 2013

Space Travel (1968)

This is another of those school texts, in this case for Air Cadets. It is Book 9 of the Air Cadet Training Handbook series (1968). The Air Cadet are currently under the Royal Air Force

This programs allows youth to train and learn about airplanes and aviation. It is the RAF's cadet force similar to the role ROTC plays in American Schools.

This training book oriented youth (between 13-20) to the changing world of space.  It had a futuristic tone since beyond talking about the basics of space travel it speculates on the future of space, both propulsion methods and ways to live in space.

 The book is a little dull in terms of illustrations but the following propulsion diagrams were interesting considering the intended audience.
 Here we have the Solid Core Nuclear Fission Rocket, the Ion Rocket and the Liquid Hydrogen Solar Rocket.

 This series of paintings of the deployment of the Explorer 12 satellite is interesting too. .
 Finally (outdated at the time) the model of the "Goodyear Space Station"

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