Monday, January 26, 2015

Soviet Science Encyclopedia (1962)

So this is neither a children's book or do I have any good translation of the title.  I found this because of some cool images posted by the seller. So if any readers want to set me straight or give more information I will add it. This seems to be 1 volume of a very high level 1962 science encyclopedia with detailed descriptions of mathematics, physics, chemistry, engineering, and transportation.

The Russian books art always strike me for their "romantic" feel. As someone I was talking to about this said, "They believed at the time that art and science should lift each other up."  So enjoy some very nice pictures from the Russian golden age of space flight:

As I said the style and subject of the paintings is totally different from the American books of the same time.

Friday, January 16, 2015

The Boys Book of Rockets (1950)

This is a short follow--up to the earlier 1947 U.S. edition of this book blogged here:

Yates, Raymond F. Illustrated by Yates, Raymond F. The Boy's Book of Rockets. London : TW Laurie. (131 p.) 22 cm.  UK reprint of 1947 1st US edition.

I like this British description of the book (from the book jacket).  I also like the description that starts the chapter about going to the Moon.

With no updating (really at all) there is not much else to show from this book that you have not already seen. But here is an excuse for the standard late 1940's picture for the Viking test rockets in the Southwest desert.

Friday, January 9, 2015

Leonard Visits Space (1965)

Leonard visits space is part of a series of books about Leonard and his time machine. He uses it to visit events and people in history.

Leonard visits space. 
Gene Darby. Illustrated by Ric Hugo
San Francisco: Harr Wagner,  1965.
44 p. 25 cm. "Leonard and his time machine" series.

Admittedly this is not non-fiction for children as much as science fiction about a real event. However I really enjoy the simple text that goes with the illustrations.

So 1962 suggests John Glenn and his orbital trip around the earth.

"Oh! Oh!"(No Sh... Sherlock)

U.S.S. Noa confirms this is John Glenn.

"President John Kennedy" from the back"