Friday, March 15, 2013

A Source Book of Rockets, Spacecraft, and Spacemen (1973)

A Source Book of Rockets, Spacecraft, and Spacemen represents a specific type of British children's non-fiction book, the identification book.  I have not come across as many of this style in American books.  It usually has a page with a photograph of the type of thing (usually a vehicle) and then a short paragraph about it. the whole book is a sort of guidebook to specific types of vehicles.

Furniss, Tim . A source book of rockets, spacecraft and spacemen. London: Ward Lock. 144 p. 12 x 17 cm.

While not very exciting it does capture what kind of information was thought to be useful. I like this photograph of the first and last (at the time) British satellite.

I am also fond of the illustrations of Skylab and the planned Shuttle orbiter

 The books lives up to the "Spacemen" part of the title by showing you photographs of the American and Russian explorers.

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