Monday, March 11, 2013

Science Fiction Quizzle Book (1951)

Sometimes things are rare (and valuable) and sometimes they are simply obscure.  This one is so obscure that I can't imagine anyone ever cracking the cover today.  It is part of a series of "Quizzle" activity books and it is one of 8 identified on the back of the title page.

Friend, Trambert James. Illustrated by Ray Favata and Paul Irrera. Science Fiction Quizzle Book. New York: Sam'l Gabriel Sons & Co.,  No. 904. 1951.

It is here however because of the space ship.  It has this story (one we have heard many times): Bobby's dad is building a secret rocket ship! And when it is done he is going to make a secret trip to the Moon.

So the kids sneak aboard the rocket to look around and see a "real" rocket ship. But of course they lean against the wrong black lever...

The kids go to the Moon and meet a Moon man.  I especially like the "shorts with space helmet" look of our explorer.

And of course bouncing on the Moon can be pretty cool.  Eventually though you have to come back home to Earth and be celebrated in a parade as the first space explorers. Such is the life of a child in the 1950s.  Here is a rocket for you to dream with...

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