Thursday, July 26, 2012

Man in Space to the Moon (1970)

There were a number of children's books about the moon landing that came out in 1969-1970. This one was one of the nicest and was done by one of the most prolific authors of children's non-fiction science books.

Branley, Franklyn M. Illustrated by Glanzman, Louis. Man in Space to the Moon. New York: Thomas Y Crowell. (38 p.) 24 cm. Cloth, DJ.

IR. Primary. B&W paintings and drawings. Basic book about the first landing on the Moon. Has several nice full page paintings of the Saturn 5, Apollo vehicles, astronauts, and the surface of the Moon.

 The photo-realistic paintings by Louis Glazman are really nice.  Before we leave another Moon anniversary behind I wanted to be sure to share this one.

Hard to believe it is now over 43 years ago that men first walked on the Moon.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Guest post on Artifact Collectors

I was asked to write a guest post on Artifact Collectors about collecting space books. Thought I would share:

Friday, July 20, 2012

Journey to the Moon -NASA Facts 40-11/67 (1967)

 It is two for one day at Dreams of Space!  From 1965 we move to 1967 and this beautiful NASA poster showing how we would go to the Moon.
Here the the preliminaries to the landing.  I am sure I remember this from my classroom when I was 8 years old.

The paintings are beautiful of what they expected to see. And for all you tech-heads out there here is a nice diagram of the LEM.

 On the backside of the map is an enormous painting which I could only scan in pieces.  Whether you were alive to see it or are only looking back, it was an awesome moment in the history of the human race and sets us all to dream of what might be possible.

Man in Space: How man will get to the moon and back again (1965)

 Happy Moonday to you! Today is a map/poster from 1965 called "Man in Space". It is actually from this series by the Science service.

When you subscribed to the series (at least in one incarnation) you got this poster that went with this book. In it were stamps you could put on the poster to make it your own. I have blogged about this book before here:

But I am in the midst of scanning lots of my space maps and thought this was a treasure that needed to be shared.

Here are copies of the stamps too. and each panel separate.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Home on Orbit (1975)

This is "Home on Orbit" (roughly translated by the book dealer) published in Ukrainian in 1979 and originally in Russian in 1975.  

Home on Orbit.  22cm x 20cm (8.8" x 8") and 104 pages. 1975.

The book covers the history of space exploration in Russia up through the 1st planned joint US/Russia space misson: Soyuz-Apollo. 

  One of the most interesting parts of this book is when it starts discussing space stations.  It first covers the Russian and American efforts to live in space and the possible benefit of having a station there.

 It goes on to discuss what space stations in the future might be like.  It shows a nice pictorial history of what designs have been considered in the past.

The book then goes on to discuss how a space shuttle system would work to keep the station permanently staffed. 

Finally it shows what a Russsian space station of the future would look like. The level of detail reminds me of the old Collier's illustrations. The Russian youth of 1975 were also told that this future was just around the corner.