Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The World of Rockets (1965)

Time for just one more this month, The World of Rockets!

Crosby, Alexander L. Illustrated by McMains, Denny. The World of Rockets. New York: Random House. (79 p.) 24 cm.

Gives a short history of rocketry and the US Space program. Derived partially from: Crosby and Larrick. “Rockets Into Space (1959)”.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Whopper Space Stories/ The Giant Book of Amazing Stories (1952)

So here are two of a kind. Publishers were constantly repackaging stories and here is the hardback and softcover versions of the same British annual for kids.

Boyd, Edward and Allward, Maurice. Illustrated by North, T E, Branton, R.A. and Gaffron, Bruce. Whopper Space Stories. London : Children's Press. (62 p.) 26 cm. Softcover.

A softcover reduced version of "The Giant Book of Amazing Stories". Still includes the articles by Maurice Allward with a comic strip and several fictional space stories. Has the same cover and illustrations (for the included articles) but no color plates.

Giant Book of Amazing Stories (Children's Press, nd) [96pp], cover by ?, sc)Front cover has a glass-roofed space station with rockets flying past.* [Comic Strip] * Rex Strong on the Planet Orbona * cs [Rex Strong]* [Comic Strip] * Dave Garrett and the Space Pirates * cs* Anonymous * A Question of Proof * ss* Anonymous * Mickey's Monkey * ss* Anonymous * Space Barr and the Saboteur * ss* Anonymous * A Matter of Time * ss* Anonymous * Mutiny in Space * ss* Anonymous * Space Barr and the Insect Army * ss* [Comic Strip] * Rex Strong: Space Ace * cs [Rex Strong]* [Comic Strip] * Don Regan * cs* Anonymous * The Miraculous Mushrooms * ss* Anonymous * Space Pirate * ss* Anonymous * Operation Mirror * ss
(from "CBandM" · For collectors of British childrens' books, movie and TV tie-in books and old magazines. A Google news group)

Friday, September 25, 2009

How it works: The Rocket (1967)

The Ladybird book series had many many titles, but only two were about space. This one give a series of simple explanations to go with the great painted illustrations.
Carey, David. Illustrated by Robinson, B H. How it Works: The Rocket. Leichester, England : Willis & Hepworth. (53 p.) 18 cm.

Can you see the astronaut's face in the window? I love this!

When we thought Gemini would make it to the Moon?

Yep, it looks like that capsule made it all the way there.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Speeding into Space (1958)

Neurath, Marie. Speeding into Space (3rd ed.) New York : Lothrop, Lee and Shepard. (36 p.) 21 cm. Cloth, DJ.

The first edition of this one was 1954:

Text and illustrations show rocket theory, space walks, space stations and a Moon landing. Illustrations are stylized and "blocky", very different from the usual paintings

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Space Alphabet (1964)

Zacks, Irene. Illustrated by Plasencia, Peter P. Space Alphabet. New York: Prentice-Hall, Inc. (26 p.) 19 x 25 cm. C

One good alphabet book calls out for another. This has some of the most charming illustrations ever done for a space alphabet book.

Very basic book about space vocabulary, discussing words such as: capsule, engine, Laika, Moon and orbit. Each entry then has a 1 line definition and a simple illustration.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

What Will I Be from A to Z (1959)

Rocket goodness from the National Dairy Council...
Why is this a space book?
Because "R is for Rocket Builder" of course:

What will I be from A to Z
Donald L Gelb
32 p. : 25 cm.
Chicago, Ill. : National Dairy Council,

Monday, September 14, 2009

The Globe for the Space Age (1963)

This is basically a geography book pretending to be a book about spaceflight. However it does have a dynamite cover don't it?

Hirsch, S Carl. Illustrated by Silverman, Burt. The Globe for the Space Age. New York: Viking Press. (88 p.) 26 cm.

Winner of the 1963 Edicon award for the Best Children's Science Book. This combines a history of globes and planetary maps with the new uses and possibilities of maps in the space age. It ties in the seasons, weather prediction, with geography. The last chapter does project what other planets geography might be like as we explore the Moon.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Real Book about Space Travel (1952)

Goodwin, Harold L. Illustrated by Geary, Clifford. The Real Book about Space Travel. New York: Garden City Books. (192 p.) 21 cm.

This one covers basic theory of spaceflight, conditions in space, planned manned exploration of space, and conditions found on other planets. Illustrations are charming, with drawings of rockets, astronauts, space stations, and a manned landing on the Moon. One of the most popular juvenile space books" of the 1950s. "Real Books" series (#33). Also 1956 edition.

For an extra treat here is the "book stamp" that you could use to order the book as part of the "Real Book About" book club.

It has a slightly different space ship, doesn't it?

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Astronomy (1963) "Whitman World Library"

Some of the best space art was hidden in astronomy books. Those of the early 1960s had great pictures of manned exploration.

Guillot, Rene. Illustrated by Giannini. Astronomy. Racine, WI: Whitman Publishing Co. (104 p.) 32 cm.

It is a translation of the French book "L'espace" by the same author.