Monday, February 25, 2013

Sugar Jets "Major Jet FilmoVision" (1954)

 A short one today, from a 1954 Sugar Jets cereal box. Sugar Jets was not only the space age cereal of the early 1950s but its mascot was Major Jet! 


 Maybe this is not space age enough for you, however I find these adventures pretty cool.

As you can see FilmoVision was cardboard strips that you could pretend to watch an adventure with.

I like the space age "television."  It is well worthy of our space hero. And the adventures below speak for themselves. Who doesn't like Jet Helicopters and Amphibious Jets!
Here is an undated photo I found on the internet of  Major Jet in person.

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  1. Just fell over your blog - I am very happy! Major Jet's jet sure looks like a Convair F2Y Sea Dart, and the dates work too. A bit on the Sea Dart, in the middle of a post I did on the Model 23B Atomic Seaplane is here: Thanks again - cheers! J