Friday, January 19, 2018

The Space Flight of Belka and Strelka (1960)

The Space Flight of Belka and Strelka. Moscow  20 cm.  30 p. (1960) 

So I am not sure about the title but basically this pamphlet is building on the successful flight of  Belka and Strelka.  It has a short history of space flight and a number of nice paintings about Russia's future in space.

There are also some nice photographs

Friday, January 12, 2018

Hombres En La Luna (1970)

This lovely oddity seems to be a book for Argentinian  publisher Editorial Sigmar (Buenos Aires), that was perhaps translated from a Japanese book.  

Hombres En La Luna. Tetsushi Okamoto and Kenya Murano. Illustrations by takashi Yorimitsu. Gakken Co. Ltd, Tokio. 32 p. 29 cm. 1970.

 I really like this fanciful illustrations of what you could do if you were on the moon.

 And as usual there are some nice paintings of what our future moon base, and moon, Mars, and Venus exploration was going to look like.

Friday, January 5, 2018

Respond Martians (1976)

Respond Martians. By  Klushancev. USSR. 1976

This is a reprint/updating of a 1968  Russian book I have blogged about before in 2015.

Our understanding of Mars changed a lot  in that short time so this book updated the illustrations and added some photographs of new probes.

 A very nice stylized moon base.

 Russians Mars Program

 Mars 2 probe   (landed/impacted on Mars November  27, 1971)