Friday, October 29, 2021

Belka & Strelka (1961)


Here is another book celebrating Belka and Strelka. It seems to be a fictional story about how excited the animals were about their mission into space. With big colorful illustrations it stands out as a charming book.

Podkopaev, V. Belka and Strelka. Moscow : Krasnodar. (14 p.)  27 cm. 1961.

Friday, October 22, 2021

El Sol y los Ninos : Viaje A Otro Mundo (1961)


This is a (1961?) children's supplement to the newspaper El Sol. Most I like the illustration as a nice piece of space art. The story "Viaje A Otro Mundo" translates as "A Trip to Another World." Enjoy!

Friday, October 15, 2021

Cohetes Espaciales (Space Rockets) (1961)


A punch-out book reprinting this 1958 English version: that I blogged about in 2014:

There is no publication date on it so I am guessing approximately. I enjoy that they translated all the captions and vehicle labels. My copy is missing one page (sorry).

Cohetes Espaciales (Space Rockets). Barcelona : Organizacion Editorial Novaro, (6 p.) 13" x 7.5", 1961 (Ingeniosis Libros De Oro series)

An extra for you that was included when I bought this. I do not know its source.

Friday, October 8, 2021

Moon Station (1967)


This is a strange but interesting book.  The artist Victor Boundin's son found some of the school filmstrips (diafilm)  that his dad had illustrated. He reproduced and enlarged the frames from "Moon Station" in 2015 along with his translation of the text. For more about Victor Boundin see his site here:

The diafilm was by Pavel Klushantsev, author  of the book Moon Station (1965), which was the source of the adaptation.

I think I blogged about this book here:

Klushantsev, Pavel. Illustrated by Victor Boundin. Moon Station. Moscow. 41 frames. 1967 Filmstrip

Friday, October 1, 2021

Building Reading Skills : Space Ship Book (1965)


A school text for teaching reading skills. Since it was at the height of the space race, many of the illustrations and some of the text are about space exploration.  I have fond memories of elementary school during this time. Admittedly I was only 6 at the time but you get the idea. So I "cherry picked" my favorite text. The illustrations are late 1950s views of space flight. I assume you already don't need to be taught how to read, since you are reading this :)

Hargrave, Rowena and Leila Armstrong. Building Reading Skills : Space Ship Book. Wichita, KS : McCormick-Mathers Pub Co. (96 p.) 28 cm., 1965.
I like this introduction.

I almost needs this illustration above as a tee shirt.

Here is a short test of your contractions writing skills. Have fun!