Friday, March 3, 2017

Rams Un Rums (1963)

Rams Un Rums is a 1963 Russian children's book. This copy in Latvian is from 1965. I love the graphic style and bright colors.

Rams Un Rums. S. Saharnovs. Izdevnieciba: Liesma. 47 p. 26 cm. 1965.

Russian version is: Ram i Rum. S Sakharnov. Leningrad : Detgiz, 1963. 44 p. 1963

It is a fictional story about two robots (Rams and Rums) who explore different kinds of transportation.  It has a very nice section about space exploration and an index at the end of current and future space efforts.

After they are first constructed, they go on to explore airplane travel:
They also explore cars, and boats but eventually they get to rockets.

It is very silly and fun, with very imaginative paintings. But I found I also really enjoyed the "appendix" section where they show what real vehicles look like. There is a section on the past and future of rocket travel.

This last double page section has several drawings I wanted to show you closer:

Very imaginative stuff including this futuristic space station, moon lander, and rocket.

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