Friday, March 17, 2017

Boy's Life December 1960

So a nostalgic bit of ephemera from the early 1960s.  Boy's Life magazine was a regular with any boy who was a Cub or Boy Scout. It was an automatic subscription with your annual membership fee but it was also pretty interesting. So here are two space related features from the December 1960 issue.

The first is how merit badges may lead to a career in space flight:

No irony intended, it is facinating how "the race for the conquest of space" was promoted to children.
The second is a regular featured comic strip in Boy's Life called "Space Conquerers!"  This was a memorable feature which depicted a scientific bend to its fictional tales of space exploration. In this one they are attempting to explore Mercury with a remote probe.

This blog page give more information about the strip and links to many of the strips online.

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