Friday, March 10, 2017

By Rocket to the Moon: Cleveland (1933-1938)

So this is a slight change of pace. I ran across this pamphlet/comic book about The Cleveland Rocket Society, that was active in the 1930s. 

Published by the Western Reserve Historical Society to support one of their exhibits, it outlines the early efforts of these rocket "amateurs." (I have not found out when the exhibit was.)

"Founded in May 1867, the Western Reserve Historical Society is Cleveland’s oldest existing cultural institution. It was established as the historical branch of the Cleveland Library Association which dated from 1848. It now concentrates on the history of Northeast Ohio."[5]

The CLEVELAND ROCKET SOCIETY, formed ca. 1933, was an organization of area residents who studied the possibilities of liquid-propelled rocket flight and conducted experiments in that field. 

By the Summer of 1934 CRS membership amounted to 50. A Technical Staff had been 
formed that was divided into four independent departments: Mechanical Engineering, Electrical 
Engineering, Radio Engineering, and Theoretical Engineering. 


  1. I wonder when the word "space" was used to indicate "outer space". Time for a google.

  2. There's a very famous fictional rocket associated with Cleveland and the year 1938. Since this group recruited local high school and college students, I wonder if some of its members crossed paths with a pair of Cleveland boys and early science fiction fanzine publishers named Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster?