Friday, March 24, 2017

A House in Space (1974)

It is harder and harder to find English language children's books that I have not shared before.  I still have a number stored to go through but in the meantime I keep finding new Russian ones. This one is a beauty since it highlights the Russian space shuttle.

House in space. M. Rebrov. Illustrated by Penny Yu.  28 pp. 1974 Pochemuchkiny Books series.

According to the seller: "The story of how Olga with her mother flew to visit "Papa", who runs the installer space on the space station."

 Note that the illustrations of the launch vehicle don't seem to show a shuttle attached :)

 I am using this one above as my current screensaver.

Really nice illustrations of a visit to a space station.

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  1. The Pope?? Could it be Papa? Папа could mean either!