Friday, March 4, 2016

The Story of Communications Satellites (1967)

A minor book but pretty sure I haven't shared this one before. I continue to find books used in school to teach about spaceflight. Overall they are about as colorful and gripping as you would expect a school text to be. I enjoy finding more pieces of the aerospace education initiatives.

Downing, J. G. Illustrated by Puig, Anthony. The Story of Communications Satellites. Exeter, England: Wheaton. (48 p.) 22 cm. Softcover.

Discusses satellites and includes a short history of space flight.  From a series of books used in British schools about the history of communications.

 Perhaps a little ironic to have Von Braun depicted next to a buzzbomb over London.

England's space efforts in the 1960s ended up being confined to spy and weather satellites.

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