Friday, March 11, 2016

Do You Know About Spaceflight? (1962) Part 1

Paperback cover

The British series called "Do You Know About." were very colorful. Also known as the "Collins Pageant of Knowledge Series" they seem equivalent to the the American How & Why series, covering all sorts of scientific topics.

Allward, Maurice. Illustrated by Teece, I. Do You Know about Space Flight. London : WM Collins Sons and Co. (48 p.) 25 cm.

A basic book about space flight covering the history of rockets, rocket theory, how satellites work, current manned missions, and future expeditions. It has paintings of  satellites, the Dyna-Soar glider in space, a manned landing on the Moon, a Moon rover and a manned landing on  Mars. Also found in softcover. "Pageant of Knowledge" series.

Because so many of the paintings are worth sharing I will break this post up into two parts.

 A two page lesson in space history up to that point.

 A nice series of pictures about the Discoverer 13 spy satellite.
 One of the biggest hopes of astronomers was an orbiting space telescope.

An interesting prototype of a space station (still not sure why it was planned for Mars instead of Earth).  Check out next week's part two with some great full color paintings from this book.

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  1. Hadn't heard of this series of books, but very familiar with the American version. Thanks always for sharing cool memorabilia from the early days of the Space Age. Are there any drawings or photos of the X-15 in part 2? :-)