Friday, February 26, 2016

To The Stars!-Classics Illustrated 165A (1961)

The last comic book for February is To The Stars! (don't forget the exclamation point). While it does not have very much space coverage, being mostly about the planets it does have a dynamite cover.

Classics Illustrated. Illustrated by Torres, Angelo, Kirby, Jack, and Glanzman, Sam. To the Stars! New York : Gilbert Company. (96 p.) 26 cm. Softcover.

 Covers the history of space flight and astronomy. Also has sections on the constellations and the conditions on the various planets of the solar system.  Has a great cover painting of a rocket launch. Classics Illustrated Special Issue (#165A) December 1961.

 The picture of the rocket leaving the Moon is almost screensaver material and the manned ships passing Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune, show that manned flight (at least for the views) would be worth the trip :)

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