Friday, March 18, 2016

Do You Know About Spaceflight? (1962) Part 2

To continue with this book.

Allward, Maurice. Illustrated by Teece, I. Do You Know about Space Flight. London : WM Collins Sons and Co. (48 p.) 25 cm.
The second half of the book rapidly takes us into the future of spaceflight. I find these painting especially interesting for their simplistic style while still showing technical details.
This is one of my favorite Dyna-soar illustrations and makes me sad we are not streaking about in these sleek beauties.

The british publications seemed to highlight both the Prospector "Wheelbarrow" and the possible "Nova" series of rockets. The Nova always looks like a bundle of rockets that were taped together, more thrust but terrible aerodynamics.

This is a very different vision of the "Moonship Apollo." I imagine landing this would be like balancing a broomstick on the tip of your finger.

I like this streamlined mooncar (with speed lines!) as it crosses the landscape.
The book finishes with a very nice painting of the first landing on Mars.

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  1. As a kid I was a big fan of the Dyna-Soar. I was crushed when they decided not to build it. It was the first spacecraft that looked like a "real" spaceship.