Friday, March 1, 2024

Bozo and His Rocket Ship -Capitol Record-Reader (1947)


Here an old piece of "rocket" ephemera. Back when there were these big black round things called "records," there were children's record-readers. My mom had some of these from here childhood so I actually read some of them. You would put a stack of records on (this one had 4 sides) and then you would turn the pages as the songs and voices on the record told you to. You could have a story read to you! 

So this is not a space related item in any way, but rather an example how rockets were the new thing for children in the late 40s and early 50s. Bozo the Clown (Google him) got into the whole thing with his rocket ship ride around the world. I could not resist sharing this very campy piece of ephemera with you all.

Bozo and His Rocket Ship.  Text by Walter Hannan. Illustrated by Cecil Beard and Norman McCabe. Capitol Records DBX 118. 36 p. 2 lps. 1947.

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