Monday, August 9, 2010

Man in Space (Science Service) (1965)

Part of the Science Service science program this booklet is very common. First issued in 1960 this particular one in its multiple editions encapsulated how fast things changed.

(See here for some of the other space science booklets in the series: )

Each booklet had text about the topic and spaces where you could "glue" in the enclosed stamps. Most were photographs to supplement the text.

Stone, Marvin L. Man in space. Garden City: New York. 64 p. 21 cm.

I had a subscription to these when I was a child. Since the booklets were so small every few booklets you would get a maroon and silver case you could store them in on your bookshelf. You also got a spine label (see above) with your stamps that you could glue on the case to remember which booklets were in which box.

When you subscribed as a promotion they also had a poster that I remember well (see below)

These were favorites of mine because I had "made" them and I read them over and over.

Not much other art in the book but this possible space station also inflamed my imagination

Finally here is the 1960 edition with yet another "lost" delta winged beauty.


  1. I so love that Dyna Soar picture at the end John I may have to faint! Awesome! Where do you find all this cool stuff!

  2. Love this particular booklet, especially the "How man will get to space and back again" poster. Great typography. Thanks for posting!

  3. Hi John, I have an original book 'man in space' complete with stickers. 1960/1962 edition. I love this book, published at a time when everything out there was such a formidable frontier to break through, and also the book is the same age as me.... It must have got the imagination of those reading it going way back then... and inspired a few young minds to get involved in space research etc .... thanks for sharing, Curt