Friday, July 20, 2012

Man in Space: How man will get to the moon and back again (1965)

 Happy Moonday to you! Today is a map/poster from 1965 called "Man in Space". It is actually from this series by the Science service.

When you subscribed to the series (at least in one incarnation) you got this poster that went with this book. In it were stamps you could put on the poster to make it your own. I have blogged about this book before here:

But I am in the midst of scanning lots of my space maps and thought this was a treasure that needed to be shared.

Here are copies of the stamps too. and each panel separate.


  1. Thanks for the two-fer post today! I have fond memories of the Man in Space booklet.

    You helped remind me that it was Apollo 11 day and spurred me to action in posting a excerpts from a 1966 NASA career guide.

  2. I'm pretty sure we had a copy of that book and posters in the family home back in the early '70s. I used to write to NASA and request books, and they would send all kinds of interesting things. Most likely, whatever happened to be laying around the mail room at the moment, but it was the greatest thing in the world to 7 year old me.

  3. I was a subscriber to the series and I had that book; in fact, I am looking at my copy right now. I was not very good with putting in the stamps when I was younger.

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  5. I was in 5th grade . I. Had many books from the. It started when you donate a dime,and fold it on the end of a postcard and mail it in. Grate booked. It was grate but I got the bill and books kept coming. I didn't have money I was scared . I think I was about $17 . I lived in flushing NY home of the hall of science. They many replica of rocket s. The had a spare shuttle model hanging. Coolest one was the booster actual size model,you walk under it and you press a button and it would rumble.