Thursday, July 26, 2012

Man in Space to the Moon (1970)

There were a number of children's books about the moon landing that came out in 1969-1970. This one was one of the nicest and was done by one of the most prolific authors of children's non-fiction science books.

Branley, Franklyn M. Illustrated by Glanzman, Louis. Man in Space to the Moon. New York: Thomas Y Crowell. (38 p.) 24 cm. Cloth, DJ.

IR. Primary. B&W paintings and drawings. Basic book about the first landing on the Moon. Has several nice full page paintings of the Saturn 5, Apollo vehicles, astronauts, and the surface of the Moon.

 The photo-realistic paintings by Louis Glazman are really nice.  Before we leave another Moon anniversary behind I wanted to be sure to share this one.

Hard to believe it is now over 43 years ago that men first walked on the Moon.

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