Tuesday, March 8, 2011

About Moon and About Rocket (1964)

My translator is not around so I don't have a title for this one. (UPDATE one of my readers suggests the title is "About Moon and about Rocket")

However that is not an excuse for not showing you some cool pictures.

Russian space art is different somehow. Beyond being less realistic they somehow transmit the glory of space flight better. It is a romantic adventure to go into the sky and discover new things. so allow me to but my romantic interpretations on these illustrations.

Like this example which speaks without text how amazing it is that something so heavy couold be launched into space.

Again while not realistic I feel how far these explorers are from earth and how each rock they find is different from anything found before.

How big would a space station be? As big as launching a skyscraper up into the sky. To build something that big to endlessly orbit the earth is a wonderful thing. Certainly something we have yet to have the will to try.

If people ever live on the Moon they will find it a cold place that will have to be "tamed" to allow us to live there.

But someday we will have the will to try.

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  1. Title means: About Moon and about Rocket