Thursday, March 31, 2011

Exploring and Understanding Rockets and Satellites (1967)

I have written numerous times about my happy memories of studying space in school. As I have collected old school materials this book has turned out to be my favorite.  I don't exactly remember seeing this book as a child but as an adult this one has the best stuff in it.

The table of contents show how facinating the words were. But it also had some great illustrations.

The paintings and illustrations have that inspirational quality that I love in this state-produced material. A rocket lifts off on the title page.

While not a painting I also found the standard rocket line-up to be beautiful and inspiring.

A very nice illustration of the trip to the Moon.

A couple of great space station illustrations.  Space stations of this type were phased out in most educational materials after 1967.

Finally here is a great illustration of a control room.

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