Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Adventures in Space (1960)

Adventures in Space!  It is a 1960 coloring book where you color by number. I think it was reprinted multiple times so it may not even be 1960. The images are memorable for their homey spin on space flight. On the cover I an enchanted with the little girl's pink space suit and her doll's matching suit.

The text tell the story of a voyage to space.

First they visit a nice generic space station

And then onto the conquest of the Moon!  Not a very significant book but full of images that make space flight friendly and familiar.


  1. Those color space suits on the cover remind me of a children's story about space travel I remember from sometime around 1970, most likely in Jack and Jill magazine, though I'm not completely certain of that. In this story a family is visiting the moon, and the only thing I can recall is that the boy and girl compare the designs on the helmets they've chosen to wear (the girl has a plaid pattern, and her brother has a blue helmet with a shooting star motif). It's explained that this isn't for show, that ease of identification is important on the lunar surface. Finally their grandfather interrupts the conversation, saying something like "You kids are making me jealous -- when I first came here, we only had white helmets!" He was meant to be a former NASA astronaut, grown old in what would be our present day. Can't remember anything else about the story except that one scene, but the above image brought it to mind.

    (I can't quite get my head around the Wonder Woman-like star-spangled skirt, though...)

  2. always a pleasure when a new post from your site arrives on my reader.thanks!

  3. Hello I have this and 2 others. One is Ali Baba and the forty thieves and the other is the wizard of oz. Do you know anything about these?

  4. I have this book:)