Monday, March 21, 2011

Adventure Bound (1956)

Adventure Bound is a 1956 school reader. Particularly of note in it in is the awesome cover shot of the X-1A. One of those spaceships that really looks like a spaceship and most of the shots I have seen of it were in black and white.

Arno Joseph Jewett; Marion Edman; Paul McKee. Adventure bound. Boston : Houghton Mifflin,  x, 598 p. ; 25 cm.Reading for enjoyment no. 7. 1956

Inside is one great rocket illustration for the story "Rocket to the Moon" (A reprinted story from "Open Road" magazine.)

This article about life on other planets is also an interesting inclusion in a school textbook.

The article included this beautiful Chesley Bonestell painting.  If you haven't discovered Chesley Bonestell's work yet and you are reading this blog you need to go and "google" his name right now.

The best advice there is.

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