Thursday, October 22, 2009

Roy Gallant

A redirect for today. Wired magazine has highlighted the book art from one of my favorite non-fiction children's book authors, Roy Gallant. His 1955 book Exploring the Moon and 1956 Exploring Mars have great illustrations by Lowell Hess.

Check the article out here:

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  1. Thanks; great link. Perhaps as an encore "Wired" could do a story on another illustrious Roy -- Roy Scarfo.

    Anyhow, with regard to Gallant, I believe that you meant the AUTHOR of nonfiction children's books containing art by of one of your favorite illustrators, right? "Exploring the Moon" and "Exploring Mars" were illustrated by Lowell Hess. Then again, John Polgreen, of whom you've rightly written often, illustrated Gallant's "Exploring the Planets" and might instead be the artist you had in mind.

    (If it's any consolation, the "Wired" article, I notice, reversed the captions on the bottom two illustrations!)