Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Exploring by Satellite: The Story of Project Vanguard (1957)

More theoretical satellite books for children! Project Vanguard had a strict timetable for the IGY so several authors created these books as being of topical interest. The events of early October, 1957 makes these books look quaint.
Branley, Franklyn M. Illustrated by Wimmer, Helmut K. Exploring by Satellite: The Story of Project Vanguard. New York: Thomas Y Crowell. (40 p.) 27 cm.
Written pre-Sputnik the text cover the plans for Project Vanguard as part of the I.G.Y. It goes on to discuss the possible uses of satellites for observation of the Earth and space. It ends with a discussion of a space station and manned exploration of the planets. Illustrations of rockets, satellites and a space station. Containing some of Helmut Wimmer's earliest paintings for children which are spectacular.

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