Monday, October 19, 2009

The Earth Satellite: Man's first true space adventure (1957)

Happy 52nd (and 15 days) anniversary of the lunch of Sputnik 1! OK I just was trying to come up with one for today and thought about satellites. With the US joining into the IGY, there were a number of books in 1957 issue (pre-sputnik) to talk about this new science. So while the adults were out of the loop, children knew satellites were coming. I will try to show off some of the pre-and post Sputnik books during the next couple of days.
Lewellen, John. Illustrated by Scheib, Ida. The Earth Satellite: Man's First True Space Adventure. New York: Alfred A Knopf. (59 p.) 22 cm.
A wonderful basic book about satellites and space exploration written pre-Sputnik. The text focuses on how a satellite would get into orbit and how would it stay there. There are additional chapters on viewing the satellite, the use of satellites in the future, and manned space exploration. Illustrations of rockets, satellites, and space suits.

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