Friday, October 2, 2009

Man's Reach Into Space (1959)

Gallant, Roy A, Illustrated by Ames, Lee J. Man's Reach into Space. Garden City, NY: Garden City Books. (152 p.) 32 cm.

This one primarily discusses conditions in high speed flight and in space and human testing and preparation. Discussions of vacuum, g-forces, weightlessness, isolation. An interesting book in its focus on the people of space flight rather than the ships. Very dynamic illustrations of rockets, space suits, physical testing of pilots and astronauts, a Moon landing, and Mars from space. Also 1964 edition.


  1. a fine book I remeber reading through out my elemantary school years, great illustrations...

  2. My sister has this book, but the color of the cover is red not black. It's so beautiful! And a very good read, also. There are a few things I covet and tell her to leave to me if she dies, and this is one of them.