Monday, August 8, 2011

Space Satellites (1958)

Mechanics Illustrated had a series of "special issues" which they sold at the newsstands. Space Satellites was one of those fine publications.

These were fun because of how they reused both "factual" illustrations as well as some of the more imaginative ones that were in circulation.

This one in particular, which graced the backcover, shows how Mechanix Illustrated took their mission seriously. They wanted their readers to feel technologically savvy and know how to "Keep ahead of the times".

This one reused a newspaper illustration show ESVs (Earth Satellite Vehicles) might appear in the future.

They had a mixture of articles from different sources on space topics. Some were repritns from the magazine while others were written specificially for this publication.This illustration shows how "Project Big Brother" would work by keeping watch over us all.

 I love how these timetables appear in the popular space literature. Things were changing so rapidly that no one was really sure how fast change might take place. I especially like the "Editior's note" which explains that almost anything might happen that would change these predictions including "technological breakthroughs or war."

Finally some cool Fred Freeman illustrations that are reused from a McCall's article. Fred Freeman was one of the illustratior in the Collier's "Man will conquer space soon!" series and his paintings and drawings are worth seeking out.

I hope my blogging is back on line now.  My brother George has been undergoing a bone marrow transplant and I had other things than space on my mind, but he seems to be doing well.


  1. I hope your brother George is doing well!

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  3. Hope hes back on his feet very soon. Good to see your blogging again too!

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