Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Eagle Book of How It Works (1962)

Eagle was one of the big publishers of non-fiction for children in England because of their weekly magazine. They repurposed contents of the magazine into a number of books. This one is an anthology of articles collected for young people.

Eagle book of how it works. London, Longacre Press, 192 p. illus., 27 cm. 1962

Most of the illustrations are familiar but it still has a variety of space vehicles to explore.

I do like the idea of using my "jet pack" to leap over such a small car. Sort of like having "rocket boots."

Delta wings rule!

I also enjoy the British slant on spaceflight with this illustration of the Ariel satellite, "designed by in Britain and launched by the Americans."

 Solar sails are cool too!

An early Project Apollo design. And now my favorite picture from the book, not necessarily space-related but still very "space age".

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