Friday, August 12, 2011

The Hippo Book of Rockets and Missiles (1962)

This was #8 in the Hippo series of books about all sorts of topics. The Hippo books were all , only 10 x 13 cm. but this one had 127 pages so it is a weighty little monster.

Taylor, John W.R. Rockets and Missiles. Feltham, England : Odhams. (127 p.) 10 x 13 cm.

"Hippo Books" series (#8). Also 1968, 1971 editions.

It has a relatively simple format with photographs of each type of rocket or missile alternating with descriptions. It was a "train-spotting" sort of book (if I am using the term correctly), that allowed the child to see all the varieties of vehicles that were out there. This was a common format for getting a space book published.  They would use aerospace press release photographs and text and show what was current.  Like the airplane books of earlier years there was little discussion of the vehicles beyond dimensions and performance characteristics.

As I said I have a number of these types of books but without much "space art" I am just getting around to scanning them now.

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