Friday, July 9, 2010

Rocketry Through the Ages (1959)

In the spirit of 4th of July rockets here is Rocketry Through the Ages with red, white and blue illustrations.

Cox, Donald William and Stoiko, Michael. Illustrated by Kocher, W.A. Rocketry through the Ages. Philadelphia: Winston. (41 p.) 24 cm.

The format of this book is 1 page of text with 1 full page illustration. It covers the history of past, present and future rockets. Examples range from Wan-Hu and his rocket chair, to Hermes, Viking, Thor, Jupiter C, Atlas, X-15, solar sails, manned nuclear rockets, and photon rockets.
As the rockets moved into the future we get some incredible illustrations.

It showed a version of a landing on the Moon.

What is even more fun is

And of course (as the space flight progression leads us) on to the stars:

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  1. Love your blog! Beautiful illustrations. WOW! I'm a collector of old space books too.