Friday, July 16, 2010

Exploring Space (1964)

An oldie but a goodie. There were lots of these Ladybird books (sort of the golden non-fiction books of England).

Worvill, Roy. Illustrated by Knight, B. Exploring Space. Loughborough, England: Wills and Hepworth Ltd. (50 p.) 18 cm. "Ladybird Achievements Book" (601-9). Also 1970 edition.

The format of these books is text followed by a full page illustration. This one covers history of rockets and current space programs.

Illustrations of astronauts, spacecraft, space stations, Moon landing and exploration. Surface of the Earth from space. Surface of Mercury and Mars.

Again inspiring images of our planned conquest of the Moon.

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  1. I had this book as a child. I absolutely loved it. I've been remembering it recently and wishing I still had a copy - I loved the artwork. Just found your blog post from a search for the book.