Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Into Space with Ace Brave! (1955)

It is difficult to show a pop-up book without good photographs. Since usually I scan the images today is a pop-up book with no pop-ups shown!
Illustrated by Ron Turner. Into space with Ace Brave, space-master. With three dimensional pop-up pictures. London: Birn Brothers, Ltd. 8 pages. 1955.

Luckily not all the pages are pop-ups. There are some very nice text pages with illustrations of some of the equipment Ace Brave uses and the beings he runs into.
This space suit is happily over the top. But the only really excessive features are the jets and "flame gun." The rest of it makes a lot of sense. My favorite is "(4)"
"All joints reinforced. A punctured space suit means death!"

Here is a Martian. Evidently even though they look aggressive, they have read Earthmen's minds and decided they are welcome to Alkmeros (what the Martians call their planet).
Finally here is a deep space ship. The Martians and Venusians had contibuted design ideas from their history. In the past the two races had used space ships to destroy the "Gylons" who had threatened the solar system. The two races had rained 5 thousand "Sondo" bombs upon Gylon and destroyed the planet. Good thing they like Earthmen!


  1. is the artist on this book Ron Turner or Mike Noble ?

  2. Ron Turner. See Wikipedia:

  3. The Martian's seems related to the ones who attacked Earth in George Pal's War of the World's. Perhaps the one in the book is the less ornery cousin. But the three toes mirror the three fingers on the one in the movie, and the single eye is similar to the three-part single eye of the cinematic version.

    Anyway, a great looking book! As always, I love looking at your collection.