Monday, May 18, 2009

The Dawning Space Age (1963)

This is actually a kind of textbook. In the late 50s and early to mid 1960s the Civil Air Patrol had classes for older student about spaceflight and the future. Since their mission was aerospace education these were meant to orient students to the space age. It was first written in 1959, this is the second revised edition from 1963.

Mehrens, H.E. Revised by Conroy, Charles W. The Dawning Space Age (2nd ed.) Ellington Air Force Base, Texas : United States Air Force, Civil Air Patrol National Headquarters. (248 p.) 22 cm. Softcover.

I really enjoy how they chose illustrations to make the text seem exciting and new. The illustration seem to be from various aerospace and Air Force reports. The fact that they chose to put so much effort into gettting art that is inspirational makes this worth tracking down.

Because it is basically an outdated textbook you can find this (and the workbooks that went with it) all over.

Here are a few more illustrations:

Look it is the Hubble repair mission!!!

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