Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Apollo Moonbase (1969)

Occasionally you find something that you can't quite decide what it is.

There is no doubt this is a wonderful example of imaging our space future but it does bring up some questions.

1. Why is it called Apollo when it is a UN rocket on the moon?

2. Why do the astronauts look nothing like the Apollo spacesuits?

3. Why does the rocket look like a Von Braun rocket from the 1950s? Didn't they have other examples they could use?

I have a number of space themed punch-out books to share with you but in some ways this is the strangest.

Published by Australian Universities Press Pty. Ltd

Copyrighted: abEricF.Olsson&co 1969 Sundbyberg Sweden.

Everything is pretty much from the artist's imagination, except the Automatic Prospector's cart which looks like some early NASA speculative paintings.There is almost no text besides the instructions. so I don't know if this was purely for entertainment or whether it was supposed to have some educational value.


  1. What about the cone shaped habitat? Would like to see that.

  2. Interesting. Why the U.N. acronym and the Von Braun rocket design? Maybe this is a reprint of an earlier edition? Or using the U.N. imprimatur would have been more inclusive if marketed internationally? Also, using the Von Braun design makes for an easy "build" paper model. In the 1964 science fantasy film "First Men in the Moon", a first lunar landing by a U.N. crew kicks off the film's story.

  3. Hi, could you share the other space themed punch-out books ?

    1. There is a "tag" for "Punchout book" (on the right)