Friday, December 1, 2023

World's First Intra-Space Stamp Album (1953)


A re-scan of an old favorite. This may be the oddest piece of space ephemera I have ever found. It is a stamp album of imaginary space stamps commemorating the planets and the atomic powered intra-solar rocket service that serves those planets. It was intended for "space education" or maybe just a cool souvenir that you could buy your child to keep busy with.

I have gotten a lot of comments over the years since I posted it 13 years ago about the level of art and effort that someone had to execute to draw so many individual stamps.  Hopefully this is new to you or you are happy to have bigger and better scans of it.

Levitt, I. M. Intra-Space Stamp Album. Philadelphia: Edward Stern and Co. (22 p.) 1953. 

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