Friday, December 15, 2023

Some Day I'll Be an Aerospace Engineer (1967)


A "career book' today to inspire young people to pursue engineering. This is a little later in the space race but they did have a clear plan laid out for creating the engineers they might need. The school library was usually full of these career books to inspire academic asperations. This one is probably dull to many of you but since I know some current aerospace engineers who had no idea in grade school what they might do.

Also this has a nice couple of pages on women in aerospace, which was a newer phenonium. 

Splaver, Sarah. Some Day I’ll be an Aerospace Engineer. New York: Hawthorn Books. (80 p.) 1967. 

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  1. The NASA effect which birthed the Tech Boom of the 1970's is arguably what gave the USA a leg-up. So many went into tech due to the money thrown at the Moon missions. The first Internet boom did something similar.