Friday, November 3, 2023

Cosmodrome (1987)


Cosmodrome is a paper cut-out book that you could use to build a cosmodrome.  Admittedly it is published in 1987 so it is way out of scope for my blog. But it has some great visuals and so I think it is worth sharing. I have never had the nerve to cut this out and build it. Most of the images are printed on both side of the paper so you destroy it when you build it. Also that is why some scans seem to be front and back of an image.

Cosmodrome (Космодром.) Moscow. (12 p.) 1987. 

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  1. Paper models, also called card models, have long been appealing. I don't make them any more on account of health reasons. Memory says paper models date back to at least the 1700s. There is a Paper Modelers forum which is quite active and where people do have processes for making the models without destroying the source pages.